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Q. Why does my product have REWARDS ENDED printed on it in place of a code?

A: Wellness Rewards codes are only on participating products. If your product does not have a code on it or says REWARDS ENDED, that product does not participate in the program and therefore points can not be awarded for it.

Q: What happened to the previous Wellness Rewards program?

A. Effective May 1, 2015, members are no longer able to earn or redeem points for $3 and $7 rewards. The previous Wellness Rewards program has been replaced with an updated Wellness Rewards Program consisting of a monthly drawing for a $1,000 sweepstakes prize. For updated program details, visit The updated program is only available on participating Nature MadeĀ® products. As the updated program differs from the previous program that ended April 30, 2015, members have a choice in deciding whether or not they want to participate in the updated program.

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